The company Techtools born in 2006 and is specialized in the development of technology and marketing of tools for mechanical workings.

We wide our range of products each year and we succeed in being present in several production fields thanks to our quality and innovation.
Techtools is always concerned in improving its production level and in these years has adapted its working life to the most modern concepts of HPC (High Performance Cutting).



Tools "High performance cutting" decrease machine time increasing production efficiency and are designed to cover a wide range of processes.

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Tool diameters Micro standard in our catalogs with a standard range Techtools starting from 0,2 mm. Guarantee an effective and accurate machining.

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We have geometries with an accurate finish that also fit most technologically complex. Sector such as the medical industry.

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Our tools are checked one by one, for efficiency of materials, processing and measurement, and each box is a label control with certifies the technical and visual product.

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